Red Velvet Profitere

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Red Velvet Profitere


For your dough:

130gr of red fruit juice or water with a little red color

70g of Laconian Legacy olive oil

½ tablespoon of sugar

2g of salt

80g of flour

2 eggs

For the Chocolate Capsule Cream:

500g of milk

110 g of crystal sugar

1 vanillin

1 egg

2 yolks

60g cornflaur

1 tablespoon cocoa 90g chocolate cake


Boil juice or water, Laconian Legacy olive oil, salt and sugar. Add all the flour and stir with a wooden spoon on medium heat until it peels out of the walls with homogeneity. Let the mixture cool down and add the eggs one by one, stirring them with a handwheel quickly to homogenize them without cooking. On a non-stick paper baking sheet, make small balls, spoons, or a confectionary bag with this mixture. Bake in a preheated oven for 20 minutes, initially at 1900C (for 10) and then at 180oC.

Prepare pastry cream by boiling milk, sugar, cocoa, and vanillin. Mix well the remaining half of the sugar and eggs and add a little bit of the mixture to the milk, continuing stirring (so that eggs are not cooked). Then pour the mixture back into the pot, on low heat until the mixture binds. Remove from the fire, incorporate chocolate until it melts and let it cool down.

Cut the souks in the middle of a hole and fill them with this cream, placing them in a deep bowl or in many small ones.

Optionally, melt 100g of white chocolate or black chocolate (as appropriate), mix 4 tablespoons of Laconian Legacy olive oil and pour it with your suckers