Spinach Pie

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Spinach Pie


1 kg of fresh spinach

2 red peppers

½ bunch of dill

½ cup of Laconian Legacy olive oil

1 cup sliced cheese / crumbly cheese

1 tablespoon of salt

1 pack of crust sheet


Wash, clean the spinach and cut it by hand in small pieces. Chop the dill and the red pepper and add them to the spinach with Laconian Legacy and salt, rubbing with our hands to wither a little and drop the original volume without leaving lots of liquids and sauté in a frying pan on medium heat

Then add the slice. We take one our sheets of crust in strips. On each sheet, spread the filling mixture lengthwise.

Finally, we close and wrap around, creating a snail. Pour some olive oil Laconian Legacy and bake in the oven at 200-220 degrees for about 15 minutes for small individual pies.